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  Agboville, Agbneby Tiassa, Cote D'ivoire
Cooperative IMTIEZ
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  Zarzis, Tunisia
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Copalchi S.C. de R.L.
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  Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
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  Xanthi, Greece
Corporation for agricultural work and plant treatment
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  Tiaret, Hamadia, Algeria
Costas Kaloidas
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  Saronicos municipality, Attica, Greece
Cretan rusks, honey, olive oil
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  Athens, Heraklion, Greece
Traditional Cretan products
CruzOliva Olive Oil & Table Olives
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  Sevilla, Spain
Since 2000, Yago Cruz Rioboo, the founder and CEO of the company has been in the business of bringing high-quality speciality foods products including Olive oils, Table Olives, Vegetable oils, Wines, and other popular food items to its customers, first with Spain Export S.L and after with Cruzoliva Olive Oils and Olives. The company was born to serve the Retail and Foodservice markets throughout the world. Cruzoliva Olive Oils and Olives provides products under its own brand names: Cruzoliva, Yago´s, Sebastian and Myto and also works with clients under Private Labels packing. Cruzoliva... More
Cuculaia Farm Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil
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  Cortona, Arezzo, Italy
Here at Cuculaia Farm in Cortona, Tuscany, I produce a limited amount of exquisite extra-virgin olive oil. My Leccino, Frantoio, and Moraiolo olive trees are all more than one hundred years old. I prune, mow, treat, and care for the trees by myself. I rely on a local team for the picking and bring the olives to the mill on the same day of picking at a local mill that has been in business for decades. To my mind, Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil captures the best of Italy's culinary heritage. You can enjoy it on just about everything: vegetables, bread, over cheese, meat, fish, and even in... More
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  Poznań, DAJK, Poland
A company from Kazakhstan is offering flax, red lentil, green lentil,colza, etc. originally from Kazakhstan for sale without intermediaries. The price for the commodities is negotiable.
Damasceno Wines
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  Palmela, Setubal, Portugal
We are wine producers from teh Setubal Peninsula.
Dambrauskas Farm Lithuania
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  Kedainiai, Lithuania
DD Ltd.
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  Sofia, Bulgaria
We are a family owned company established in year 1996. We are specialized in development and manufacturing of Jujube fruit products. We have Jujube gardens with Jujube trees from which we harvest the fruits we use for developing and manufacturing of the Jujube fruit products. Currently we have the under manufacturing: Jujube Juice, Dried Jujube Fruits, Jujube Jam, Natural Jujube Liqueur, Jujube Vodka. Currently several more products made of Jujube are under development.
Debetra Ecom PVT LTD
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  Kolkata, West bengal, India
Deglette Nour Tunisia
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  Tunis, Tunisia
DELINIO - Greek Organic Food
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  Drosia, Attica, Greece
We offer mainly ORGANIC products from Greece. Both in retail packaging and in bulk if needed. Orders are usually dispatched within 1-2 days. DHL is the shipping service provider of our choice. The minimum order is € 35. For deliveries to Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the following shipping costs apply: Order value up to 50 €: 7.90 Order value up to 50 – 100 €: 5.90 Order value of more than 100 €: free shipping For deliveries to Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Norway: Order value up to 50 €: 9.90 Order value up to 50 – 100 €: 7.90 Order... More
Delizie di Bosco di Banti Federico
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  Fucecchio, Firenze, Italy
Delta oiniades
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  Mesologhi, Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece
“ Delta Oiniades” is a cooperative partnership between producers of citrus and pomegranates located in the western Greece!
Denfra Innovations
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  Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico