Penne with Tomatoe & Basil, 400gr

Ingredients: 100% Wheat Semolina, Tomato 5%, Salt, Basil 5%, Pepper.
From: Greece
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  Thessaloniki, Greece
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Leaves of reddish basil and tomatoes from small growers fill with the taste of Greek summer the heart of our pasta and leave the imagination free for tasty combinations.
You can taste this unique flavor : Only with cheese! with Greek Cheese - Feta + Olives + Tomatoe + Oregano.
For those who like gourmet flavors, "PENNE A LA VODCA" is the ideal choice!!!
You can also choose this taste in a variety of shapes, such as,tagliatelle , swivels, turned tagliatelle, seashell, rigatoni.

Cooking time : 6-7"