Nopal Powder 1 kg

Nopal Powder 1kg
From: Tunisia
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Can be sold both to Legal Entities and to Consumers
Certified Organic Product
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  Ez-Zahra, Ben arous, Tunisia

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It is a food supplement:
1. 100% vegetable, pure and natural.
2. Of “Raw” Quality, vegetarian (VEGAN), Gluten-free and O.G.M.
3. Obtained 100% from young selected rackets, prickly pear "Opuntia Ficus Indica", from extensive cultivation held in Tunisia without insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
4. Prickly pear snacks dehydrated slowly in the cold (≤ 42 ° C), then reduced to a fine, homogeneous powder.
5. Its color is bright green (Original of the plant), its smell and flavor are characteristic of the prickly pear plant. It is free from all traces of foreign smells or flavors or colors and all traces of rancidity or humidity or dark parts.
6. Without any additives or preservatives, or added coloring or flavorings.

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