Flower honey "Honey River", 1 kg

Natural flower honey "Honey River" was collected in July 2019. It includes the nectar of flowering gardens, meadow and wildflowers, acacia, hawthorn and linden. Honey has a multifaceted and bright taste, fragrant and rich aroma, has a light color and fine crystallization.
From: Bulgaria
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Certified Organic Product
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  Varna, Bulgaria
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Honey is located in Varna (Bulgaria).
Packed in boxes of 12 cans, net weight of 1 can - 950 gr.
Honey has a biological certificate BG-BIO-17-397-C-01
Sent to European Union by FedEx, Spidy, Econt.

The “Honey River” family apiary is located in the quiet village of Chaika, not far from Provadia in the foothills of Stara Planina. The place was not chosen by chance: the nearest road is located 3 km from the apiary, in the area of 30 km there is no harmful production, and agricultural farming is limited. But in abundance there is what bees love so much: acacia and hawthorn groves, a stream with thickets of meadow grasses, deciduous forest.

Honey produced in the apiary is completely natural and certified as a bio product according to EU requirements. We responsibly approach the business and do laboratory analyzes of each batch of honey, so our customers can be sure that they are buying natural bee honey.

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