Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2x500ml Glass Bottle

From: Algeria
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  Seddouk centre, Bejaia, Algeria

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Extra virgin olive oil is the best category of olive oil and the most natural and tastiest of all oils. She is a virgin or not treated and must have an acidity of no more than 0.8 percent. The oil must also have a flavor, color and aroma and perfect be free of defects. A low acidity always gives a higher quality oil, flavor and distinct aroma.
Olive oil extra virgin is more expensive because it is produced in small quantities from selected olives and it offers a wider range of flavors. Like wine, the flavor and aroma of extra virgin olive oil depends on several variables: the olive variety, growing conditions, the timing and method of harvesting and finally, the care taken with olives during processing, bottling and storage of the finished product.

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