Beefavo BIO - Honeycomb (150g)

Honeycomb with BIO Honey - 100% Organic and Portuguese
From: Portugal
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Certified Organic Product
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  Oliveira de Azeméis, Aveiro, Portugal

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Honey is healthier when eaten directly from the honeycomb. With Beefavo, experience the honey in its purest form - almost as eaten directly from the hive!
Acquired responsibly from small beekeepers - promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

Ingredients: Royal Jelly.
Package includes a spoon (size: 1g)
Care: Must be kept under 0ºC (keep in fridge).
BIO Ref: PT-BIO-05 Portugal.

Total order minimum: 100€.
Ship through CTT, DHL or Nacex to all European Union countries in 7-20 days (post-payment confirmation).

For all other countries, please contact us.

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