Thyme 30g Etolos 2000+

Thyme 30g Etolos 2000+ Mataraga of Etoloakarnania
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  VONITSA, Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece

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Mataraga of Etoloakarnania on the outskirts of Lake Trichonida
-Thyme is used against gingivitis (rubbing the gums with it), caries and dental plaque
gargles with thyme decoction have good results against sore throat and severe cough. Causes expectoration and reduces unnecessary spasms
-can be used in whooping cough and asthma
-kills germs. The thymol and borneol it contains give it special antiseptic and antibacterial properties
-the drink helps intestinal function and soothes bloating
-fights atony and stress, mental and physical exhaustion, depression and apathy
-using it in the bathroom, relieves patients with rheumatism
-as a poultice soothes from itching
-in small children is given to fight worms
-generally used as a tonic for the body
-antispasmodic and emollient of the stomach
-used externally as a lotion for infected wounds
-helps in respiratory and digestive infections
-helps in the treatment of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, known as colitis
-has good results in laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis
-for deep-seated lung infections

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