Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 litter in Pet Bottle - 810 bottles (1 pallet)

Minimum Order 1 Pallet = 810 bottles
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Can be sold both to Legal Entities and to Consumers
5,000.00 without VAT
810L - 6.17 / L


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  Sevilla, Spain

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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 litter in Pet Bottle
It has a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams, and the other characteristics of which correspond to those fixed for this category. Olive groves stretch for as far as the eye can see in parts of Andalusia, Spain offering an incredible variety of olives. We've selected the Hojiblanca, Picual, Manzanila, blend of best in Seville. variety for its remarkable green fruity profile. The tropical aromas that dominate the nose are nicely contrasted by flavours of bitter almond and pepper.

We are Proud to export this Extra virgin to many countries and share the Mediterranean diet and All Pets, Glass , Tins and Private Label.

"Virgin" Olive Oil means the oil was produced by the use of mechanical means only, with no chemical treatment. The term virgin oil with reference to production method includes all grades of virgin olive oil, including Extra Virgin, Virgin, Ordinary Virgin. Great: for Salads, Fish and fried Meat. Put always dome dropts on your dishes and they will taste better, sweeter, spacially with fix.

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