Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seven Olea Health Claim 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with health claim
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Certified Organic Product
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  Arkalochori, Heraklion, Greece

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The cultivation of olive groves and the production of extra virgin olive oil with a health claim presupposes respect for the environment while ensuring that the final product is of unique quality. At all stages of the cultivation and production process we follow methods that harmonize with nature and enhance the health of the trees.

Seven Olea olive oil is produced strictly following the rules of organic farming. Our products are inspected annually by the certification body "TUV Austria". We believe in the health of the trees and in the preservation of natural mechanisms. In other words, we create the right conditions for nature to play a key role in tackling the diseases and animal enemies of the olive. Thus, we ensure that Seven Olea olive oil excels in quality, taste, aroma and color.

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