Seller Protection

Wikifarmer safeguards every Transaction of Agricultural Products and Food, providing transparency, security and safety to every Seller and Buyer.
By selling through our Platform, you make sure that you avoid fraud by malicious Buyers, who may ask for the Products before they pay or try to scam Suppliers in various ways.
If you have accurately described your product, and if the quality and quantity of the product you shipped or delivered on time is exactly as described on your Wikifarmer page, we guarantee that you will receive the money of your order or at least receive the product back in excellent condition.
This applies to Orders Paid online on our Platform (Bank Transfer to Wikifarmer Account or Payment by Credit / Debit Card). In the case of Cash On Delivery, you or the transport company you have chosen are solely responsible for the Proper Collection of the money of the order.
Wikifarmer will remove any unfair negative review of your products, if it does not correspond to reality