Toast Bread Without Sugar, Gluten Free 350g (14 pcs.)

Gluten free, wheat free, egg free, lactose free and preservative free. Suitable for diabetics and rich in fiber.
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Delicious toast bread that can accompany every meal of the day or be combined with the right ingredients and be a delicious toast cold or baked. It does not contain added sugar and can be consumed by people who avoid sugar regularly. Its buckwheat content offers those who prefer it the appropriate nutrients (14% protein, many vitamins -mainly of the B-complex-, amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins E and K, many minerals and fiber as well as complex carbohydrates that stabilize blood sugar levels) enriching their diet, in addition to the ingredients that provide corn and rice, cereals which are mainly consumed by those who follow a gluten free diet.
With BRC & IFS certifications.

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