SK Fish
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  Kavala, Greece
As a major exporter of fresh and frozen fish, SK Fish is a leader in the production of Seabass, Seabream, Sheepshead and many other products. We can provide you with the best quality of fish products across the globe.
Skoutari Olive Oil
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  KRITSA, Λασίθι, Lasithi, Greece
In the masterful 17th-century Cretan romance “Erotokritos”, “skoutari” is the shield that protects the besotted youth when he fights for his beloved Aretousa. Our olive oil is the shield that protects your health. From olives of the Koroneiki variety, exclusively from our family’s olive groves on the fertile island of Crete, we produce “Skoutari”. An exceptional, organic, extra virgin olive oil, produced in small batches, one of the few that carry a certified health claim on its label (according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012).
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  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Smilen Life Science
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  Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
SN TRADERS Muzaffargarh
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  Muzaffar Garh, Punjab, Pakistan
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  Seddouk centre, Bejaia, Algeria
Rich with expertise and considerable millennium olive heritage, Kabylia rose to become one of the first growers throughout history. Etablissements KHODJA & CO are located in the heart of this legendary region and have built over the years, a tradition of good taste and quality not only of the product but also service. We put all our strengths to jointly emerge terroir and varieties leading to the development of various processed products valued by the original appellation strategies. This is especially for you that we have devoted this new Internet space that will allow you to discover and... More
So Pyae Win Co.,Ltd
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  Kyaukse, Mandalay, Myanmar
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  Itea, Phocis, Greece
We are a family business, created by love for our place, olive and quality olive oil. From Delphi, the center of the Earth in antiquity, and since 2014 we have been producing the Organic Premium Virgin Olive Oil “SOCRATES” and the olives of Amfissa “SOCRATES OLIVES”.
Sodaro Agrumi
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  Francofonte, Siracusa, Italy
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  Ιωάννινα, Ioannina, Greece
Sogun Farm
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  Dewas, MADHYA PRADESH, India
Soham Agro and eEucation pvt ltd
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  Pune, Maharashtra, India
Solac Services
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  Tunis, Tunisia
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  Portalegre, Portugal
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  Den Den, Tunis, Tunisia
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  Sousse, Tunisia
Sonora Taste
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  Aguaprieta, Sonora, Mexico
Sossio Group
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  Napoli, Italy
Sparta Olivo
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  SPARTI, Laconia, Greece
Sparta Olivo is a family business producing extra virgin olive oil from dry olive groves with systematic cultivation characterized by excellent quality laconic olive oil PDO, low acidity and rich in polyphenols. Sparta Olivo also produces and trades honey and oranges from the plain of Evrotas.
Speira Natural Products
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  Argyroupoli, Attica, Greece
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Single Variety "Koroneiki" - Glass bottle 500ml