Manuel Pereiro Perez
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  Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
Margan LLC
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  Crepaja, Vojvodina, Serbia
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  Surat, Gujarat, India
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  Royse, Texas, United States
Marinkovic Farm
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  Vlasotince, Serbia
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  Corinthos, Corinthia, Greece
Extra virgin olive oil has been an integral part of our family since 1932, when its first member first became involved in its production. As the fourth generation of company owners, respecting this valuable asset as well as our family tradition and experience in olive growing, we continue to keep alive the vision of our family for its quality production.
Maro Trading
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  Cairo, Egypt
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  Liepa, Liepas Parish, Latvia
We have it all! We make natural dried berries and other products. We also make berries in powders. We also have bee products like honey, beebread and beapollen available.
Maruthi Chereddy
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  Padamati venkatapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India
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  Katihar, Bihar, India
Masia Can Viver
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  Bigues i Riells (Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain
Masia Monredon
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  Rasquera, Tarragona, Spain
Masseria Colombo
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  Bari, Italy
Matrih d. O. O
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  Koper, Slovenia
Matrix Egypt
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  Alexandria, Egypt
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  Angostura, Sinaloa, Mexico
Mavarkar International
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  Belgaum, Karnataka, India
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Our family business has been active in the production of organic products for 22 years. With continuous effort and personal care, we cultivate and offer a variety of certified organic agricultural products, which stand out both for their taste and quality as well as for their nutritional value. Our products, facilities and our properties are subject to all detailed inspections and are certified by ΒIOELLAS SA. with codes 360533 and 360805. This ensures that the products from their initial to final form are fully harmonized with European legislation on Organic Agriculture.
Maya Agroprocecers
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  Kampala, Uganda
I can supply organic gluten free cassava flour. Cassava is produced in Uganda. Then cassava is processed and packed in Uganda.
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  العاشر من رمضان, Cairo, Egypt