Gospodarstwo Rolne
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  Korzeniów, Poland
Gospodarstwo Rolne
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  Międzyrzec Podlaski, Poland
Gospodarstwo Sadownicze Karol Walas
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  Wilczyce, Poland
Goyos Beef Jerky
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  Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Best Mexican Beef Jerky
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  Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece
Grandma Stella is a family business with many years of experience in olive oil production, located in a small Greek village of the well-known island of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean sea, called Stipsi. Since its foundation it has been operating with great success and is offering quality products and high standard services to its customers. We produce our olive oil exclusively from our own olive groves and we count 1500 trees around our olive mill.
Grandpa JOS
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  Ptolemaida, Kozani, Greece
Mountain Tea GrandpaJOS, is an organic crop that is environmentally friendly, in the category of aromatic - medicinal plants. Top in Greece as a Herb for various uses. This tea is made mainly in Greece where there is the highest consumption. The decoction prepared under the name "Mountain Tea" has many beneficial properties, which are due to the ingredients of its essential oil. It has a pleasant taste with a rich aroma and does not contain caffeine, so it can be consumed at any time, morning, noon or evening. The herbal decoction is much preferred by the Greeks, especially in the winter... More
Granja Yaya
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  Queretaro, Mexico
Granns Pakistan Natural Food
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  Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
We launched this exciting journey just after realizing the dire need of chemical-free and naturally healthy food. Food has become unhealthy, chemical-dependent and highly processed. Our health is suffering as a result of this over-processed and unnatural food and our palates have become accustomed to the food items which have little or no taste and which look artificially perfect. But Grans is a pure and healthy food hub, aimed at providing products with: No Nasty Additives No artificial colourings and flavourings Avoids Pesticides No Genetically Modified crops or organisms Maintaining... More
Grean Goold
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  Godollo, Pest, Hungary
Grecian Living
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  Athens, Attica, Greece
Grecian Living is a new Greek company active in the field of healthy eating. The mission of our company is the production and distribution of innovative foods of high nutritional value and quality that do not contain gluten, sugar, preservatives and trans fats. Grecian Living's philosophy for healthy eating is based on the utilization of Greek traditional recipes in combination with the application of specialized, modern technological methods for the production of delicious innovative food products. The wide range of products we offer covers all the needs of the diet: for breakfast,... More
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  PERISTERI, Laconia, Greece
We specialize in the production, standardization and marketing of fresh citrus fruits, with orders from the domestic market as well as abroad. Minimum order 200 kg.
Green Boost Lda
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  Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal
Organic certified Herbs, from Alentejo - Portugal
Green Business/SLAMA DATTES
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  SOUK LAHAD, Kebili, Tunisia
We are farmers and supplier of dates : deglet noor, our label SLAMA DATTES Stuffed dates with past almond , our new product is gourmet gift box: healthy snacks, energetic and natural aphrodisiac
Green Card
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  Megrine, Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia
Green Family
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  Nea Erithrea, Thessaloniki, Greece
The Green Family promotes with passion the philosophy of a healthy life. He is the most specialized ambassador of a lifetime with pure and quality products, having everything a house needs. And in fact, all organic! At Green Family the consumer basket is filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, baby food, cereals, cosmetics, vegan products, products for diabetics and much more. The chain also offers the widest range of spices and herbs, thus completing the most complete product mix on the organic market.
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  THESSALONIKI, Thessaloniki, Greece
Green Fingers Compost Company
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  BOURNEMOUTH, Dorset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Green Flavours
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  Anadia, Aveiro, Portugal
Green Oil Nutrition SARL
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  Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla, Algeria
Green World Morocco
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  Oujda, Morocco