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  KAMENA VOURLA, Phthiotis, Greece
The "Organic Farm Anopaia" is located on the slopes of Kallidromos `Mountains in Fthiotida, above Thermopylae and at an altitude of 450 meters. This is a completely organic, semi-mountainous, dry olive grove of 69 acres, where the cultivation of the land is applied by choice with the complete absence of any spraying and fertilization. The olive varieties that have been planted are Manaki (aguromanako and glikomanako), Koroneiki, Megaritiki, Throumpa Aegean, Amfissi, Kalamon and Halkidiki.
"pasta-euzoia" / ZOI BEGOU Single Member P.C.
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  Thessaloniki, Greece
It is a purely Greek company producing traditional pasta based on local traditional recipes of our country. At the same time, however, we encourage diversity through the development and creation of new, fresh recipes. Our goal from the beginning was to produce high quality products, not mass. Our pasta, unique and authentic, is produced with love and care. By choosing the best Greek quality Raw Materials, we create original recipes. Pasta with aromas, rich taste and long aftertaste, that aim to pasta lovers everywhere ... From the selection of a super-contemporary equipment and the finest... More
"Θείον Δώρον" (Holy Gift)
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  Kalamata, Messinia, Greece
Producer of extra virgin olive oil & edible olives, Kalama variety, "organic cultivation" certified by ΔΗΩ.
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  Vizhupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
We are cultivators of Rice, Groundnut, Black Gram, Sugar Cane and vegetables.
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  ANDROS, Cyclades, Greece
"Organic Beekeeping from the family business of beekeeper Katerina Tridima which has been offering high quality beekeeping products to her customers for almost forty years. The exclusive exploitation zone of the beekeeping populations is the northernmost island of Cyclades, Andros. 3melisses produce organically and package honey from the local seasonal varieties of thyme, heather and maple. They also collect royal jelly, fresh bee pollen, beeswax and produce propolis tincture. "
4G-Greek Gaia's Global Gate - KOYIMTZIDIS IOANNIS IKE
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  KOZANIS, Kozani, Greece
4G was founded in 2015 in Mavrodendri, Kozani It is active and pioneer in the production of dried fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Keeping up with the evolution of our season and the changes in our eating habits, we produce the products that Greek land generously offers, following faithfully the gastronomic tradition.
AA pulp and puree Pvt LTD
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  Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
AA Trading Eu
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  Metz, Moselle, France
Aakriti Trading Company
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  Delhi, Delhi & Bihar, India
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  Ilfov, Romania
Abdullah Brothers farm products
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  Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan
Abhikalpan Consulting Associates
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  Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Acar Cherry
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  Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
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  Acatic, Jalisco, Mexico
ACG Cairo
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  Cairo, Egypt
Nature has been dealing with dynamic change for 3.8 billion years and is constantly perfecting approaches for survival & resilience. But nature’s selection environment is extremely tough. It is estimated that over the history of the Earth, 99.9% of all nature’s innovations went extinct. Biologists are now uncovering the keys to success of the 0.1% that withstood generations of change and disruption. And the clue is regenerative value creation: creating conditions beneficial to life. It is about adding more value than we extract. Many organisms, tiny to massive, have figured out how to... More
Actima SRLS
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  Corigliano-Rossano, Cosenza, Italy
Lacryma Verde was born in 2018 in Corigliano-Rossano, in the heart of the Piana di Sibari, the largest plain in Calabria, located on the northern Ionian side of the region. Company founded by enterprising young people, based in Corigliano-Rossano, which operates in the food trade sector, with one goal: through the promotion and knowledge of our products we give visibility and promote our territory rich in history and culinary culture. Lacryma Verde takes special care of the customer and his needs; that's why it comes on the market with two varieties of oil, both fruity, but with different... More
Ade Organic
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  Mexico, Michoacan, Mexico
Adugna Import Export
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  Addis ababa, Ethiopia
We do export agricultural products and import construction materials across the world.
Aelia Olive OIl
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  Gythio, Laconia, Greece
Agak Enterprises Limited
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  Nairobi, Kenya