All products on Wikifarmer can be sold only to businesses and prices are without VAT.

Do I have any kind of charges when I buy Flour & Baking Products from Wikifarmer?
No, our platform is 100% free for Buyers. You only pay for the Flour & Baking Products that you buy.
I do not have a business and want to buy Flour & Baking Products for my home. Can I buy from Wikifarmer?
No, all the Flour & Baking Products you see can only be sold to businesses. Wikifarmer Market specializes in providing bulk and wholesale purchasing options for all our products.
What happens if the Flour & Baking Products I buy through Wikifarmer is of inferior quality?
Wikifarmer offers you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in case what you receive is not exactly as described on our page in terms of quality and quantity. There are no hidden fine prints for this. You must notify us immediately (same day upon receipt) and send us clear product photos. Please note that you shall not open or alter the merchandise.
Who produces the Flour & Baking Products that I will buy? Who will invoice me?
Wikifarmer works with a network of 20.000 producers, suppliers and traders across all product categories including Flour & Baking Products. After the order confirmation, Wikifarmer will sell to you and issue an invoice to your business, so that we can offer a 100% Money-back Guarantee in case your order is not delivered in the agreed quantity or quality.

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