Oxymeli 250ml

Oxymeli is a sweet-sour ancient Greek food from honey and vinegar
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Oxymeli is a sweet-sour ancient Greek food from honey and vinegar, which was first mentioned by Hippocrates. It is a product without chemicals, preservatives or additives, and is made with good quality grape vinegar and organic forest honey.
The raciness flavor of vinegar is perfectly combined with honey, while the sweetness of honey is tempered by vinegar. This seasoning is a combination of two very beneficial products which are used in daily nutrition
Vinegar, reduces the greasiness of food, while honey has a dissolving effect
Oxymeli is preferred as a dressing , for salads, for grilled and boiled vegetables, for main courses, legumes, rice, as marinades or as a meat sauce, as well as topping for yoghurt and ice cream.
Oxymeli has digestive properties and if dissolved in water can be an all-day refreshing drink.
Benefits and information we find in Greek ancient texts
- Reduces and immediately treats indigestion.
- It contributes to the liver's blockage and all the narrow gall bladders
- Contributes to thinning and dissolves thick body juices
- It is suitable for all ages
- Does not cause any stomach uncomfortable feeling
- does not have dietary side effects

Ingredients: 70% Greek organic forest honey , 30% Greek grape vinegar
There are no allergens
Ready to serve
Awards 2 stars Great Taste Awards 2000 / 1 star Great Taste Awards 2019

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