Honey from wild flowers and herbs 25kg

Honey 25kg (from Bulgaria)(harvested 2020)
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  Ruse Rousse, Sofia, Bulgaria

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100% natural Bulgarian honey.
Hello, my name is Georgi, I am engaged in the production and trade of honey and bee products.
This honey is a bouquet of different types of herbs, flowers-from trees and plants.
The bees have collected the pollen from: sunflower, acacia, lavender, coriander, lime, donkey thistle and others.In Bulgaria there is a rich variety of over 1100 species of honey plants, 650 of which have healing properties. That is why Bulgarian honey is characterized by extremely high taste qualities so high that the importers use it as an enhancer of the mass honey sold in their countries.

Bee products are considered the most spiritual and the most magical food on the planet and also one of the best superfoods and sources of concentrated nutrition. Regular consumption of high quality and properly stored bee products is recommended at any time of the year. With the help of bee products and maintaining a healthy diet it is possible to prolong the active life of a person. Regular intake of bee products is certainly one of the best ways to prevent all diseases (as well as their treatment).
Crystallization of honey is a normal process, proving that honey is 100% natural.

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