Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 lt Can of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in December 2020
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Can be sold both to Businesses and to Consumers
35.00 without VAT
1L - 35.00 / L


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  Kardamili, Greece

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Marineas-Stathopoulos Family The family business has its roots back to 1947 when the operation of the family business started by Stelios Marineas(picture). In 1948 issued the first permit to operate the olive oil production mill in Riglia. The smallmill produced olive oil from the local region and created its owntradition. The years passed and Marineas family (Stelios daughter,Georgia along with her son Dimitris Stathopoulos and her daughter Stella Stathopoulou)kept its tradition and the values inherited from their ancestors, but mostly the secrets for producing the one of the best Organic Olive Oil in Mani Peninsula, combined with all the modern safety methods.

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