Honey with Pollen and Propolis 480g

Super food - honey with pollen and propolis
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The many flavonoids and the concentrations of aromatic molecules are the beginning of the antibacterial action. Propolis has local anesthetic properties thanks to the essential oils.
Heals wounds and helps regenerate tissues. Propolis is effective in oral hygiene in the form of solutions. Helps in the treatment of colds, sore throats, chronic pharyngitis, abundant. All types of propolis have the ability to activate the immune system.

This resinous substance is a very powerful drug with globally (according to research) recognized antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, anesthetic, antifungal and anti-allergic properties.

It strengthens the immune system as it has a share of responsibility in both innate and acquired immunity. Propolis is stored in hermetically sealed jars, away from high temperatures.

Pollen from various flowers is collected and processed by bees. Fresh pollen is preferably stored in the freezer and retains 100% of the nutrients for a long time (about 1 year). The combination of pollen and propolis tincture is nature's best antibiotic. Protects against viruses and parasites. Most importantly, according to studies, pollen contains a balanced combination in quantity, not exclusively with various vitamins, minerals and enzymes that act cooperatively. Pollen has no toxic effects.

Pollen works with all bee products and other phytotherapeutic preparations or herbs. It helps mental function, strengthens the heart and has a diuretic effect. It regulates the appetite and is highly recommended for weakness and general weakening of the body. weight control, treatment and shielding from viruses and other infections. Improves the condition of people who have mild allergic reactions. Positively affects the quality of hair growth, hair color.

Pollen promotes good physical condition of the body and mind. It has a very positive effect on the mood of the person. It offers well-being, improves mental abilities and at the same time fights anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia.

One tablespoon a day is enough. Preserved in the freezer.

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