Arbutus honey 1kg - Lefkada

Arbutus honey 1kg - Lefkada
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Arbutus honey contains:
- the substance Arbutin which cleanses the blood and regulates the level of cholesterol in it.
- the polysaccharide, Tyranose, which has been shown experimentally to increase cell life.
- the enzyme Dimension or Amylase, which breaks down starch.
It is very rich in nutrients and vitamins and is one of the best options for toning the body.
The natural antibiotics (which it contains to a large extent) have the effect of making it a shield of protection for the body from various diseases.
It is also used as a diuretic and antiseptic of the urinary system as well as in cases of mild bronchial infections.
The calories contained in arbutus honey are less than other honeys due to the low percentage of glucose and fructose and so it is recommended in cases of diet as well as for type 2 diabetics.
Finally, according to an analysis by the Bremen Beekeeping Institute, it contains:
0.0% sucrose (common sugar)
36.1% fructose
28.9 glucose
1.7% maltose
1% tyranose
19.5% humidity
Its pH is around 4.5
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