Mount Athos chestnut honey package 3 jars

chestnut honey production 2021 pure chestnut in a high percentage
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  Kalavryta, Achaea, Greece

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The best chestnut honey of Greece is produced in the protected (NATURA 2000) chestnut forests of Mount Athos. Special chestnut honey, unique for its properties, with intense peppery taste, special aroma, less sweet than other honeys and with a slightly bitter aftertaste. With these words we could give a first, quick description of its macroscopic features. But the essential advantages of this honey are those that do not appear "to the naked eye".

Chestnut honey is rich, perhaps the richest in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, barium, as well as fructose and tannins, due to the chestnut tree. This honey contains a high content of pollen grains, which give it a very strong taste. This is one of its main advantages, since the strong presence of pollen increases its nutritional value. It has sweating properties, helps blood circulation and is a very good boost for the body. In addition, it has astringent, disinfectant and healing properties, especially useful in the urinary and digestive systems, providing antimicrobial action in the intestine. It is recommended for those who exercise, the elderly and those who have prostate problems or prostatitis. It can also act as an astringent in cases of dysentery. Chestnut honey in combination with specific essential oils, propolis and pollen gives propolis honey (Arohoney, Aromiel, Aromelia), preparations with special therapeutic value in a wide range of diseases.

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