Organic honey herbs - 500g

Honey herbs (Wild Lavender, Sage, Jerusalem sage). Organic Award with 2 Stars in Great Taste 2019 and 2020
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  Amarynthos, Euboea, Greece

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Honey Herbs

Star rating 2-Star 2019
Table ARB: This honey has a lovely set and an intriguing color and texture. What the judges really loved was how it packed a bold citrus punch. It is there on the nose and long after the finish.
Table r2: A warming looking honey, light and bright. Lots of aroma on the nose, and a texture that is full and rich. You can taste the hive here....and the consistency is a just another lovely thing about it, dense and firm. This takes you on a journey with hints and elements of citrus, grass, sea and sun. Very nice.

Star rating 2-Star 2020
Light amber in colour, this is a semi-set honey with a dense fudge-sauce appearance. Pungent aromas of summertime pink and lilac flowers with earthy notes of heathland, pronounced hay and hints of bergamont. Rugged crystalline suspension structure with pink bell heather, ripe peach, dried apricot and burnished caramel notes accompanied by hints of cinnamon. Distinctly floral mid palate and with a mildly salty finish, it will be interesting to see how this honey ages ... as it appears to be halfway between runny and set.

A toffee-like honey bursting with heather notes. A slightly chalky melt releases bright citrus followed by wild heather notes that dance on the tongue. A lovely balanced and flavoursome honey.

Thee is a rich floral and caramel aroma from the soft set umber coloured honey, which has a clear glossy appearance. The soft grain set is a delight in the mouth when it chills slightly as it liquifies, with a lemony earthiness filling the mouth. The flavour lasts, balanced by the sweetness which develops as the initial flavours fade away. A really great honey and worthy of a high rating.

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