Onion Powder 50g Etolos 2000+

Onion Powder 50g Etolos 2000 + Mataraga Etoloakarnania
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  VONITSA, Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece

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Mataraga of Etoloakarnania, on the edge of Lake Trichonis.
• The phytochemicals they contain enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C in the body, which strengthens the immune system.
Onions contain chromium, which helps regulate blood sugar.
• Used for centuries to reduce inflammation and treat infections.
• Do you like to eat sliced ​​onions with your food? If so, the news is good news! Raw onion boosts the production of good cholesterol (HDL) thus keeping your heart healthy.
A powerful compound called quercetin is known to play an important role in cancer prevention.
• Did a bee sting you? Apply onion juice to the area for immediate relief from pain and burning sensation.
Onions fight free radicals, thus reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.
• The light green tops of green onions are rich in vitamin A, so it is advisable to use them often.

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