"Nature as an ally of man. The natural antibiotic with its rich composition of active ingredients from polyphenols, essential & aromatic oils shields & strengthens the body."
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Propolis strengthens the immune system, providing a variety of health benefits, such as antioxidant, antiseptic, antivirus, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing.

How to use it:
It is recommended to administer 1ml (15-20 drops) diluted in a glass of water or fresh juice daily, before breakfast, until the amount of 30 ml is completed. Then discontinue for 1 month and administer another 30 ml vial for 25-35 days.
To maximize the results, the daily administration of 15-20 drops should not be omitted until the two sub-cycles of 30ml + 30ml are completed.

For the suppression of virus or disease it is recommended to administer an increased amount of 30-40 drops per day (dissolved in a little water or fresh juice), as follows:
· 10-15 drops before breakfast.
· 10-15 drops 2 hours before lunch or 2 hours after lunch.
· 10-15 drops before bedtime.

In special cases of illness, the advice of a doctor is recommended.

Bee Naturalles organic bee products have been distinguished for their quality & excellent taste in the international competition Great Taste Awards & honored with awards as the top organic honeys from the world by Biolmiel, as well as in various competitions such as the Gourmet Exhibition Specialist Awards with 1st gold award, as the first selected honey from the Museum of Greek Gastronomy & as superior honey from LE MONDE.

Propolis is a sticky substance produced by bees to "coat" the inner walls of the hive and honeycomb cells, and acts as an effective means of protection against bacteria and viruses due to its strong sterilizing action. Its use is crucial for the survival of bees, as hives are an ideal environment for the growth of microbes due to overpopulation, high temperature, humidity and high sugar content.

Nevertheless, with the help of propolis, bees manage to keep their hives "more sterile than in a hospital", in the words of a respected member of the medical community.

The power of propolis lies in its rich concentration of polyphenols and bioflavonoids, also known as vitamin P, amino acids, proteins and nutrients that make it a natural ally for human health.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effective effect of propolis in preventing cardiovascular disease, in fighting inflammation, bacteria, pathogenic fungi and parasites as well as in the treatment of viral diseases and influenza and the accompanying symptoms, such as cough and irritation. It is also recommended for the prevention of colds and viruses with a recorded reduction of up to 85% of the body's susceptibility to them, especially during the winter months.

The strong antioxidant action of propolis protects against damage caused by free radicals in cells, when they are in high concentrations in the body. At the same time, its anti-cancer activity is systematically studied with research that states its ability to destroy and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.

In addition to its proven sedative effect, propolis also has the ability to stimulate the regeneration of bones, muscles and nerves as well as cells by "repairing" damage created by radiation treatments.

The action of propolis has been compared to that of aspirin, with the difference that it does not cause side effects, which is due to the nickname "natural aspirin". It is impressive that despite the lack of toxicity, propolis has the property of neutralizing the action of toxins, without causing the slightest harmful symptom in the human body. In addition, according to clinical and experimental studies it increases the action and enhances the effectiveness of other antibiotics and conventional drugs.

Finally, it has been clinically proven that the properties of propolis increase when administered in combination with other bee products. Specifically, when the propolis tincture is administered in combination with honey and polyethene pollen, the so-called "synergy" of propolis with other beekeeping products takes place, just as it happens in the natural environment of the bee, the hive.

Indicative of the effectiveness of propolis is its widespread use in various fields of medicine, such as dermatology, urology, gynecology and gastroenterology.

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