FRESH POLYFLORA ORGANIC POLLEN 200g / 314ml - Bee Naturalles

"A completely natural & pure richness of nutrients in just one spoon."
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Bee Naturalles pollen is organic Greek of various botanical origin. It is considered an ideal food for humans due to its high content of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, hormones and enzymes.

35g (1 tbsp) daily is enough to meet the body's needs for protein, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to be consumed as is, mixed with honey or dissolved in water or fresh juice.

It should not be consumed by infants <1 year of age.

In special cases of illness, the advice of a doctor is recommended.

Certified Greek organic beekeeping pollen.

Bee Naturalles organic bee products have been distinguished for their quality & excellent taste in the international competition Great Taste Awards & honored with awards as the top organic honeys from the world by Biolmiel, as well as in various competitions such as the Gourmet Exhibition Specialist Awards with 1st gold award, as the first selected honey from the Museum of Greek Gastronomy & as superior honey from LE MONDE.
Bee pollen has been extensively studied for years by the scientific community for its unique beneficial properties. It is no coincidence that it has been given the nickname "almost ideal food" as it is one of the richest foods in proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes, coenzymes and minerals. Scientific research has shown that pollen is 5 to 7 times richer in amino acids than foods known for their nutritional value (such as meat, eggs and cheese).

Regular consumption of pollen helps in the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system, in the fight against intestinal problems, in the proper regulation of the metabolism, in the calming of the nervous system as well as in the improvement of the quality of the skin and hair and in the stimulation of the erotic mood. According to research, pollen also helps prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as menopausal or prostate problems and is highly recommended for people over the age of 40.

Bee pollen differs from anemophilous pollen, which is attributed to various forms of allergies and does not include the wonderful properties of insectophilus, i.e. that collected by bees.

It is distinguished in different qualities depending on its origin and composition. Polyanthus pollen is considered to be superior in quality compared to monoanthropic pollen, and is characterized by the polychrome of its pollen grains. In addition, Greek polyethene pollen is of exceptional quality, due to the rich biodiversity of Greek nature, with a plethora of excellent flowering and beneficial herbs and flowers, and excels in properties compared to dried pollen.

Bee Naturalles. Brochure (GR) (Bee_Naturalles._Brochure__GR_.pdf, 2,287 Kb) [Download]

Bee Naturalles. Brochure (EN) (Bee_Naturalles._Brochure__EN_.pdf, 3,894 Kb) [Download]

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