Are you a Producer or Trader of an Agricultural Product (fruits, vegetables, honey, packaged products etc.) ? Millions of Buyers all over the world are searching for Products like yours! Create a profile on and sell your Products!
Describe your Company and what makes it unique. Upload an image of your product. You can set a public price or set no price for your products. In both cases, you can give each Buyer a custom price that will not be publicly displayed.
Describe your product in full details (type, variety, packaging, accreditations). It makes sense to define a minimum order amount (for example, 24 bottles of 500ml Olive Oil or a pallet of Avocados with a net weight of 1000kg) so that a company abroad will be willing to buy it and pay the transport costs.
Set a general shipping area (for example countries of the European Union Economic Area, Spain or the the city of Malaga) or a list of countries that your products can be legally exported.
When you receive an order from a buyer, it is up to you to accept or reject it, based on the country of the Buyer and other factors.
If you accept the order, you have to give the Buyer a custom Price, based on Buyer's location and the ordered quantity. You can also specify the Shipping Cost, any extra charges and the estimated Delivery Time.
Make sure you check all the properties of the order before you respond. For example, if the Buyer has requested a CIF price, you have to specify shipping cost until the shipping address of the customer. If the Buyer has requested a FOB price, the shipping costs are zero in most cases. If the Buyer is a legal entity, you may not charge VAT, whereas if the Buyer is a consumer, you may have to charge VAT.
The Buyer will review the order and can pay the full amount of the order (product costs plus extra transport cost and other charges) or decline the order.
Once the payment is settled, you will be notified and you have to send the products.
The full amount of the order minus our fees will be released to your account once the products have arrived at the Buyer’s premises.
The charge of our platform starts with 8% of the product’s cost (not the transport or other customs fees). In high sales volumes, the charge of our platform decreases significantly.


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