When a Customer requests a Bulk Price for one or more of your products, a message or mail will be sent to you. To view the request, you must visit your Admin Panel in the section Requests --> Requests for Bulk Price for My Products..
You can see the request in detail, and decide what prices you will give to this customer depending on how many pieces (s)he wants to order. The request also mentions the shipping address and the method of payment.
The customer will probably ask for a price along with the shipping cost, up to his/her premises. Therefore, you may need to do some research on shipping costs to the customer's premises first, as the shipping address will be visible to you. If customers ask for a price along with the shipping cost, and you answer without shipping cost, it is almost certain that they will ignore your offer.
The prices you will give to the specific customer will be visible only to this customer and will not be displayed publicly, nor to another user or to any of your customers.
Although you have the ability to increase or decrease the quantity of a product in the order, it is best to avoid it unless you have a good reason. For example, if a customer has ordered 700 kg of product, you can give a price for 800 kg if your pallet weighs exactly 800 kg. However, it is best to be as close as possible to the customer's initial request, as this will make it more likely for the customer to finally confirm and finalize the order. Moreover, in case the customer has ordered a product, and you do not have it available, you can add a related product to the order. This addition- exactly as before- must be as close as possible to the customer's original order. The acceptance and modification of the order will be sent to the customer, and if (s)he agrees (s)he will finalize the order, so that you can start shipping the products.
If the customer is happy with the prices you will respond, (s)he will proceed with the order. Then, you will receive instructions for shipping the products. Do not ship any product only after the customer's original request (without final confirmation), as this will be returned to you.
By selling through our Platform, you make sure that you avoid fraud by malicious Buyers, who may ask for the Products before they pay or try to scam Suppliers in various ways.
If you have accurately described your product, and if the quality and quantity of the product you shipped or delivered on time is exactly as described on your Wikifarmer page, we guarantee that you will receive the money of your order or at least receive the product back in excellent condition.
This applies to Orders Paid online on our Platform (Bank Transfer to Wikifarmer Account or Payment by Credit / Debit Card). In the case of Cash On Delivery, you or the transport company you have chosen are solely responsible for the Proper Collection of the money of the order.


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