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What is pollen?

For bees, which carry pollen from flower to flower by fertilizing plants and providing us with 80% of food, pollen is food.

The pollen is a source mainly of proteins, but also of lipids, vitamins and minerals. But the pollen of one plant species alone does not contain all the essential amino acids and components that bees need, so it is necessary to feed on pollen from as many plants as possible. The same goes for the person who uses pollen in their diet.

How it reaches the customer:

The pollen grains from the flowers are collected in a ball by the bee that adds a little nectar for better consistency (and with it probiotic microorganisms) and places it in the "basket" of pollen in its third pair of legs. When her "basket" is full, the bee takes it to the hive where it will be stored in the honeycomb, unless it is "stolen" by the beekeeper who has placed a special pollen trap at the entrance of the hive.

The pollen collected with the pollen trap is then sieved with a special sorter to remove any foreign bodies and frozen directly at -18 οC, or partially dried and stored in refrigeration (+4 οC).

Why eat pollen:
Pollen is the most complete nutritional supplement and at the same time a source of antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics.

The pollen contains:
proteins (all the essential amino acids and in the ideal ratio)
sugars (but not calories as the amount we take in daily is very small, a full tablespoon contains 45 calories)
lecithin (important for fat metabolism)
macroelements and trace elements
vitamins C, E, B
flavonoids (excellent antioxidants and antimicrobials), including rutin, also known as vitamin P.
nucleic acids and nucleotides
growth factors
beneficial microorganisms (probiotics)
P-coumaric acid (activates the body's detoxification system)

Important note:
Only one. Allergy to pollen consumption, which fortunately affects only one in 2000 people. If unpleasant symptoms appear after consuming pollen (itching in the mouth, rash, nausea, diarrhea) stop taking pollen and consult an allergist.
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