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Fresh raw pollen. 100% natural product.
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Pollen is a product that bees collect with their hind legs when visiting many flowers and is their protein food.
By nature it contains all the necessary building blocks and all the vital energy to create and support new life.
For this reason alone it makes it incomparable to any other food or nutritional supplement.
The natural form of bee-treated pollen is granular.
It usually contains grains of different colors, depending on the plants from which it comes.
Its taste varies depending on the different species of plants that have been collected, it is basically sweet, but many times it has quite bitter tones.
According to proven facts of science, bee pollen contains valuable nutrients, which offer strengthening and nutrition.
It is the richest natural food in proteins, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, fats, minerals, trace elements, growth factors, hormones, enzymes, and other essential ingredients.
Pollen is initially distinguished into anemophilous and insectophilic.
The former usually has negative effects on humans, as in many it can cause allergic reactions.
On the other hand, the insectophile is the one that bees collect and is distinguished for its nutrients.
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