A) Anatolikos Vineyards Fine Rose Organic Rose 750ml (Year: 2018)

Category: Dry Rose wine
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  Chalandri, Attica, Greece

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Color in the light palette of salmon and aromas of small red fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, stone cherries, and sour cherries from Mavroudi, Thrace.
The minerality of Assyrtiko, the citrus fruits and its dynamic character are manifested in the mouth generously with crunchy acidity, complex and exuberant aftertaste.
Accompanies shellfish fatty fish, seafood, white and red meats, Mediterranean cuisine paste and salads.

Producer: Anatolikos Vineyards
Origin: Avdira, Xanthi, Greece
Type: Rose Wine, Dry
Category: Variety
Variety: Assyrtiko, Mavroudi Thrace
VOL%: 12.0
Harvest: 2018

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