What can Wikifarmer offer me and why should I sign up?
Wikifarmer offers you two important benefits: First, due to the high traffic of the platform, your products have thousands of views and this helps you find credible buyers (businesses and individuals). Secondly, Wikifarmer safeguards every Transaction of Agricultural Products and Food, providing transparency, security and safety to every Seller. Wikifarmer provides you with a fully functional and secure online payment environment where you can sell your products and get paid easily and quickly. By selling through our Platform, you make sure that you avoid fraud by malicious Buyers, who may ask for the Products before they pay or try to deceive Suppliers in various ways.
What kind of Buyers are in Wikifarmer?
Buyers are -among others- Food Industries, Mini Market Chains, Supermarkets, Restaurant Chains, Hotels, cafes, catering services and greengrocers looking for quality agricultural products at good prices. However, in many cases there are individuals (households) who will be interested in buying your products. In this case, if you are interested in selling directly to customers, you need to be able to issue a Retail Receipt.
It seems very interesting, but where do I start from?
Create an account and become a Vendor in Wikifarmer
2) Publish your products with the prices you want.
3) Accept orders from Buyers (Businesses or individuals).
4) Deliver your products to local companies or arrange shipping.
Can Wikifarmer buy my products?
No, Wikifarmer does not purchase Agricultural Products in order to resell them, does not store products and is not responsible for their transportation and quality control. Wikifarmer is an online trading platform. You can sign up, publish your products, find buyers, give them a personalized quote, and then you can invoice and send the products.
I am an amateur producer, that is, I cultivate informally without papers and I have a quantity for sale. Can you buy my crop and resell it?
No, in order to register on Wikifarmer and publish your products, you must have all the licenses and be able to issue all the necessary papers (Invoice, Shipping Receipt etc.). Wikifarmer does not purchase agricultural products in order to resell them, does not store products and is not responsible for their transportation and quality control. Wikifarmer is an online Marketplace for Agricultural Products. Hence, it is your responsibility to invoice the Buyer and comply with the Law.
What kind of products can I publish in Wikifarmer?
We accept and approve the publication of products- raw or packaged - by legal producers or traders registered in their home country. Of course, all producers must comply with the current legislation. However, each supplier is solely responsible for the quality of his/her products, but also for the publication of the products (description etc.).
Do you disapprove products?
Yes, we may not approve or later deactivate products on a case-by-case basis for which we do not have clear evidence that they have arisen from legitimate producers or traders who can issue all the necessary legal and financial documents.
I already have an eshop and I want to increase my sales to businesses and/or individuals. Can I make a profile in Wikifarmer? Can you help me;
Of course we can help you increase your sales, as our platform attracts millions of unique visitors per month. Just because you already have an eshop does not mean that we are competitors. You can make a profile, publish your products and take advantage of the huge traffic that our platform has. However, we expect that you will not engage in any activity with a user designed to complete or facilitate a transaction outside of Wikifarmer Marketplace.
Why do you charge 8% commission? In this case, you are also an intermediary, aren't you?.

• The commission we charge supports administrative costs, technology costs (hosting, servers, etc.), but mostly costs of promoting the agricultural products that we host (sales teams, online advertising, exhibitions etc.). The supplier does not carry any of these costs.

• Suppliers that have joined our platform have the opportunity not only to sell their products online, but also to have a strong online presence, just like their own website, but with no fixed cost. The whole idea is that a supplier will be charged only after having completed a transaction.

• In any case, we believe that the increased prices that producers will achieve - contrary to selling their product in large quantities to an intermediary - will definitely exceed the commission we charge. For example, orange producers in Mediterranean countries sell their crop at very low prices:

Big Buyers (supermarket chains) and hotels buy fresh oranges at a price of 40 to 55 cents per kg. Producers of oranges in the Mediterranean countries receive prices of 15-20 cents per kilo for their production. Therefore, if an orange grower manages to sell through our platform even a small quantity of oranges (say 300 kg) at 40 cents per kilo, then (s)he has increased revenues by more than 100% and -even with the commission of 8% of the platform- (s)he is still competitive in the market in terms of prices.

In the first case (without Wikifarmer), if (s)he sells 300 kilos of oranges, (s)he will have an income of 45 euros without paying any commission. In the second case, (s)he will have an income of 120 euros minus 9.6 euros the Wikifarmer commission. Similar examples exist in almost all agricultural products.

• Our commission on transactions supports our mission to empower producers and suppliers of Agricultural Products by:

- Allowing producers to set their own price, ie to sell at higher prices.

- Gaining access to a larger market that will give them more options to sell their products.

- Connecting Farmers / Producers with the foreign markets.

- Promoting the producers and their products on our platform both on the internet and on traditional media, in order to increase their sales

- Further enriching the first free Agricultural Encyclopedia with best practices about Sustainable Agriculture on nearly all crops.

All the above mentioned have significant labor, fixed and maintenance costs and since our producers will be able to sell at higher prices (which can exceed the commission) we believe that we are heading towards a new equilibrium with benefits for all people involved in production.


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