What can Wikifarmer offer me as a Buyer? Why should I buy products through the Platform?
Wikifarmer offers you the opportunity to compare prices from different producers and traders of agricultural products, to ask for a better price, to find a quote for shipping and to complete your purchases safely and securely. All these can be handled with minimal clicks and without unnecessary emails and time-consuming communication with each supplier separately.
Do Buyers have any kind of charges in Wikifarmer?
No, our platform is 100% free for Buyers. You only pay for the products you buy and nothing else.
What happens if the product I buy through Wikifarmer is of inferior quality?

Wikifarmer offers you a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you have paid online and what you receive is not exactly as described on our page in terms of quality and quantity. There are no hidden fine prints for this. All you need to do is notify us immediately (same day upon receipt), and send us clear photos of the product. Moreover, you shall not open or alter the merchandise.

Money Back Guarantee Program does not apply when the selected payment method is Cash on Delivery. In this case, you are solely responsible for inspecting the products before accepting receipt and pay upon delivery.

Who is supposed to find a transport company and pay for the transport cost of the products?
When creating your order, you can indicate who undertakes to find a transport company. If you are interested in a price along with shipping to your door, the final cost of your order will be increased (order cost plus the cost of shipping). However, if you have negotiated with a transport company and you can have very competitive prices, when creating the order you can state that you want "Takeaway from the Seller's premises", so you will not be charged shipping from our platform. In this case, you will be charded shipping costs only from your own transport company. Moreover, some Sellers have announced that they offer free shipping for their products in some shipping areas.
I found a Seller in Wikifarmer and I really like his products. Why am I supposed to order again from Wikifarmer and not order directly from him?
Because if you continue to place orders through Wikifarmer, you are protected a with 100% Money Back Guarantee Program (for electronic payments) and every order is subject to our Review system. Consequently, the Supplier will try to constantly deliver quality products and be consistent and fair to you in all future orders. If you order through Wikifarmer, you are sure that every Seller is giving his/her best, as (s)he is interested in the image (s)he gives not only privately to you, but to thousands of buyers who may see some of your negative reviews.
Wikifarmer offers you a 100% Money Back Guarantee
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