Wooden Souvenir 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO by ELEOFARM

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Kolymvari Chania Region by Eleofarm
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Can be sold both to Businesses and to Consumers
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Minimum quantity for "Wooden Souvenir 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO by ELEOFARM" is 160.

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  Crete, Chania, Greece

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ELEOFARM P.C. is a company that handles, produces, and sells extra olive oil and other agricultural products as thyme honey, and we're located in Chania (Crete). We are interested in doing business and expand in your country, and we look relevant to advertise brands to promote and sell our products.

We are an innovative and value-driven company producing, selling, and handling olive oil, with harvesting procedures that create unique moments of creation and many generations of essential traditions.
The year we operate, we have promoted and sold our olive oil in thousand guests in Greece and other European countries. Our efforts and strategic agreements have brought us a vital opening and opportunities to grow and look the future with big expectations and without restrictions. Our guests' support is our reward for the two Silver Awards in Italy EVO IOOC and London IOOC in 2020. It gives us the responsibility to continue creating a unique product with the highest E.U. standards.

We aim to create a long-term co-operation with our partner and a trust structure in Greece and abroad. Our priority is to continuously develop reasonable and competitive prices in our market-related codes by keeping the quality unchanged and without technical or chemical intervention—only authentic extra P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I/we look forward to hearing from you and anticipate the possibility of us working together!

At your disposal for anything you need.

Important Notes:
1. Ability to ship quantity and samples worldwide (additional charges may apply, as appropriate)
2. Minimum order quantity is for exporting shipping only and a minimum pallet per product code without obliging. We recommend benefiting from shipping costs.
3. All product codes can be ordered by buyer needs and after specific requests


Eleofarm London IOOC-QUALITY-SILVER (Eleofarm_London_IOOC-QUALITY-SILVER.PNG, 769 Kb) [Download]

ELEOFARM all Cert (ELEOFARM_CERT.jpg, 481 Kb) [Download]

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