ORGANIC PINE HONEY 450g / 314ml - Bee Naturalles

"Rich, deep flavour & exceptional texture straight from the virgin pine forests of Euboea! Unprocessed, totally organic, 100% natural!"
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  Nea Artaki, Euboea, Greece

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Bee Naturalles' honoured organic pine honey used to be collected from the virgin pine forests of North Euboea that has been irreparably wounded by the recent wildfires. From now on, our honey bees gather this glorious honey from the central region of Euboea and the remaining wild pine forests which we still protect with all our will and strength!

It's a honey with exceptional texture, singular organoleptic properties, rich in micronutrients.

A spoonful of dense, stout "body", a marvelous honey that you can almost bite it! You are going to love it from the very first date! Rich butterscotch flavour with the unique pine character and the stunning "mineral" aftertaste notes!

Judges' quotes | Great Taste Awards

"This is stunning. When you spoon it into your mouth it sits in a gloriously creamy puddle on your tongue and as it begins to melt it fills your mouth with a butterscotch rich flavour. Herbal notes combine with a glorious acidity. We loved the fact that it wasn't over filtered too - it just increased the rich flavour. Outstanding!"

Bee Naturalles participates in the “Identification of Greek Pollen & Royal Jelly” Project [Council Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007] of the Beekeeping Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Bee Naturalles’ organic apiculture products excel in quality & taste & have been awarded (more than 25 awards!) by the Great Taste Awards. They have been highly honoured as top worldwide organic honeys by Biolmiel (top 3 among the Gold Medal awarded certified organic honeys), Gourmet Exhibition (Specialist Awards 1st Platinum & 1st Golden Prize), Le Monde (Greece) & the Museum of Greek Gastronomy.

Bee Naturalles. Brochure (GR) (Bee_Naturalles._Brochure__GR_.pdf, 5,314 Kb) [Download]

Bee Naturalles. Brochure (ΕΝ) (Bee_Naturalles._Brochure__EN_.pdf, 4,715 Kb) [Download]

2021 Great Taste Awards Organic Pine Honey (2021_Great_Taste_Awards_Organic_Pine_Honey.pdf, 508 Kb) [Download]

2019 Great Taste Awards Organic Pine Honey (2019_Great_Taste_Awards_Organic_Pine_Honey.pdf, 570 Kb) [Download]

2018 Great Taste Awards Organic Pine Honey (2018_Great_Taste_Awards_Organic_Pine_Honey.pdf, 558 Kb) [Download]

2017 Great Taste Awards Organic Pine Honey (2017_Great_Taste_Awards_Organic_Pine_Honey.pdf, 546 Kb) [Download]

2018 Biolmiel Organic Pine Honey (2018_Biolmiel_Organic_Pine_Honey.pdf, 1,263 Kb) [Download]

Bee Naturalles. Award-winning 'Organic Bee Idea' (Bee_Naturalles._Award-winning_'Organic_Bee_Idea'.mp4, 1,412 Kb) [Download]

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