ACAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml (Glass Bottle)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Variety Kolovi
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  Likovrysi, Attica, Greece

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ACAIA is an extra virgin olive oil produced from olives of the Kolovi variety, with manual harvest, grown in the mountain olive groves of Lesvos. ACAIA highlights the delicate mild taste of this rare olive variety. Its rich and complex scents are reminiscent of the freshness of green leaves, herbs and grass, combined with nuts, tropical fruits and apple. Thanks to its excellent harmony and low acidity, ACAIA is the ideal gourmet choice for use in both savory and sweet recipes.

Awarded with gold and silver medals in international competitions (NY IOOC, Olive Japan, London IOOC, Athena IOOC, Terraolivo, Olivinus etc).

Available in a box of 54 pieces.

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