Wikifarmer has been established as the Wikipedia of Farming, according to the United Nations . After having surpassed 9 million Unique Users (in 12 language versions), Wikifarmer - apart from the Library - is becoming a Platform where people can search Anything Related to Agriculture (agricultural products, suppliers, prices etc.) and complete their orders with security and confidence.
Our global platform simplifies transactions in the Agricultural Sector, allowing everyone to have equal access to whatever information they need and to any market they want. Our main goal is to connect the Producers directly with the Buyers, avoiding the unnecessary large commissions paid in the food value chain until today, forcing transparency, accountability, security and reliability to every transaction.
Our vision is to create a fair, transparent and rewarding environment for all people involved in Agriculture. All producers can equally participate in our Marketplace with transparency, getting the market share they deserve.
Farmers and Producers dedicate their lives to their crops, but get the lowest value of the total sales cycle, so we believe they should get a fair share. On the other hand, Buyers have the right to enjoy more options, to search online and buy with confidence and security at better prices. Wikifarmer solves this inequality on both sides, forcing security, transparency and trust in every transaction.
•If you are interested in this upcoming change, you can sign up as a Seller or as Buyer.
•If you are an Investor and would like more information about Wikifarmer, you can contact us at commercial@wikifarmer.com
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