German Chamomile Plant Care

Growing German chamomile in your yard is an excellent choice, either as an ornamental or as a way to have fresh material for teas.

  • It is an annual resilient plant that can withstand low night temperatures, but prefers full sun exposure; otherwise it will produce fewer flowers.
  • You can start German Chamomile from seed, either by sowing directly in the field or by creating a seedbed and transplant only the vigorous plants.
  • Although many farmers and gardeners sow German Chamomile seeds during early spring, the most suitable period is late fall. During their first weeks in the field, young seedlings need a lot of water in order to get strong. After this period, in most cases they can rely solely on rainfalls, provided there isn’t any period of prolonged draught during spring.
  • In most cases, does not need any fertilizer in order to produce flowers, as it grows well even in poor soils.
  • You can harvest the flowers from late spring to summer, just before, during or after the full bloom. Not all the flowers are ready for picking at the same time, so you can harvest the flowers every other day for a period of 15-20 days.

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