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Starting a Potato Farm – Professional Cultivation of Potato


Potato farming –if done rationally and on a scalable basis- can be a good source of income, provided you have available a well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 5,2-6.7. Exposure to direct sunlight is also essential. Potato seeds along with soil condition are the two most important factors for the success of a potato farm. Climate is also important. A night temperature of below 59°F (15°C) is required for tuber initiation. Optimum soil temperature for normal tuber growth is 59 to 64°F (15 to 18°C).

The purchase of potato seeds represents about 50% of total expenditure. You may also need well-rotted compost, fertilizers and of course rented agricultural machinery for planting and harvesting potatoes (it is labor intensive to plant or dig up the potatoes manually on a large scale). A major advantage of potato cultivation is the long storage period (up to a year), which gives growers (that can store potatoes) flexibility and many options in terms of pricing and geographical marketing of their production.

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