Peach cultivation –if done rationally and on a scalable basis- can be a good source of income. First, growing trees, such as peach trees, requires many years of land exploitation. Thus, to start peach farming, you should probably own a field. Otherwise, the fixed cost of rent will be enormous.

Most commercial peach growers start their orchards from 1-year-old grafted young trees. A few months before planting, they prepare the field. They till the land and remove any previous cultivation remains and weeds. Then, they integrate into the soil the basal fertilization combined with well-digested manure. They also design and install the irrigation system. When they are ready for planting, in winter, they dig holes and plant the bare-root young peach trees at the same depth as they were at the nursery. 

Fertilization, Pruning, Training, Drip Irrigation, and Weed Management are applied in most cases. Training and pruning are essential. Besides maintaining the trees’ optimum shape, they also regulate their production. Most commercial peach varieties can be harvested from spring to autumn. Harvesting time depends on the variety, the training and pruning system, the climate, and the soil conditions prevailing in the area. In stone fruits like peaches, fruit thinning is very common. With the term fruit thinning, we mean that the producers often remove very early some underdeveloped fruits so that the tree can direct its resources to fewer but better and larger fruits of higher quality (in terms of concentration in sugars) that have the quality characteristics that the market demands. 

Producers nowadays collect peaches manually, when it comes to table varieties, or through large harvesters when the fruits are transferred for processing. After harvesting, peach growers often irrigate the plants to help them differentiate their buds. 

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