Good Agricultural Practices – Summary

Good Agricultural Practices (also known as GAP) are a series of methods that farmers have to apply in order to protect

  • their own health and well-being
  • the health and well-being of people who consume their products
  • the environment

Standards may differ from one country to another due to different regulatory and legal frameworks, but the philosophy remains the same. The rules and principles of Good Agricultural Practices altogether create a mindset of prevention, rather than troubleshooting.  

The implementation of Good Agricultural Practice will certainly lead to long term income increase for farmers and at the same time, will help us consume safer food of higher quality. Finally, environmental sustainability is enforced through implementation of the basic principles of Good Agricultural Practices. Constant training and education are essential for farmers and all people involved in the supply chain of agricultural and non agricultural products.

Implementation of GAP begins early in the field (crop and field selection), continues to production and post harvest handling, and ends with the landing of products to the consumer’s plate.

Good Agricultural Practices - Summary

For further explanation and detailed local specifications of GAP, please consult your Local Authority (for instance Ministry of Agriculture)

Good Agricultural Practices – Summary

Understanding the risks of contamination

Crop and Field Selection, Soil Preparation

From Seeding to Harvesting

Livestock and GAP

Personal Hygiene and Gap

Food Supply Chain (Proper Storing and Transportation)

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