Regenerative Agriculture Research Program For Students

A farm called Finca el Roble Murcia

The Regenerative Agriculture Research Program offers positions to students who are committed to make a change in the way we approach agriculture through their thesis work or internship. This program offers research to students who: Would like to combine their thesis/internship with an on farm learning opportunity on regenerative agriculture. Most universities offer ECTS for […]

International OFE Conference 2023


The global OFE Network and many other institutions and organizations such as CornellCALS, GFAR, ISPA, and many others organize the 2nd International OFE Conference Conference! The organizers' agenda is to coordinate the production of a global picture of change at the intersection of agricultural, social, and data sciences. On-Farm Experimentation (OFE) is a systematic approach […]


Pollinators in the urban environment

Join the webinar ‘Pollinators in the urban environment’ Promote Pollinators is looking forward to hosting an online event on December 8th at 15:00 CEST. The free webinar will focus on Pollinators in the urban environment. The webinar aims to share knowledge on the relevance of pollinators in the urban environment and to showcase examples of urban […]