The e-Agriculture Community

The e-agriculture is global initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development & food security by improving the use of information and communication technologies.

The numbers are stunning. The Community of Practice now consists of over 12,000 members from 170 countries and territories. Members are information and communication specialists, researchers, farmers, students, policy makers, business people, development practitioners, and others.

All the stakeholders have a common interest that brings them together, that of improving policies and processes around the use of ICTs in support of agriculture and rural development, in order to have a positive impact on rural livelihoods.

e-Agriculture is all about knowledge exchange between UN agencies, governments, universities, research organizations, NGOs, farmers’ organizations, private sector, and the wider community. As anyone can understand, knowledge exchange and dissemination is about starting constructive dialogue. That is why one of the most popular activities is the e-Agriculture Forum Discussions. Topics are demand-driven, and lead by partner institutions who specialize in different areas of e-agriculture.

Wikifarmer Editorial Team
Wikifarmer Editorial Team

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