pumpkin yield and harvest

Pumpkin Yield, Harvest and Storage

How much a pumpkin field can yield Pumpkin producers report that they can produce 12-40 tons of pumpkins per hectare (11000-36000 lbs per acre). The yield depends on the variety […]

pumpkin pests and diseases

Common Pumpkin Pests, Diseases, and Weed control

Numerous pests, diseases and weed pressure can reduce the yield of pumpkin plants if left uncontrolled. In most cases, the effectiveness of a control measure depends on the time of […]

Pumpkin fertilization

Pumpkin Fertilizer Requirements

First of all, you have to take into consideration the soil condition of your field through semiannual or annual soil testing, before applying any fertilization or tillage method. No two […]

Pumpkin Water Requirements

Pumpkin Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

How much water pumpkins need Pumpkins demand high amounts of water (large leaves, high water content on the fruits, etc.) to produce high-quality fruits. Pumpkins need on average 2 to […]

pumpkin soil requirements

Soil Requirements, Soil Preparation and Planting of Pumpkin 

While pumpkins can survive in a wide variety of soil conditions, they thrive in fertile (with high organic matter), deep (more than 1 m), loam, or sandy loam soils with […]

growing pumpkins for profit

Growing Pumpkins Outdoors for Profit – Complete Growing Guide from Start to Finish

Commercial Pumpkin Farming outdoors can be a good source of income if done rationally and on a scalable basis. Pumpkins are a popular vegetable. These annual, warm-season, herbaceous vines are […]

growing pumpkins in the backyard

Growing Pumpkins in Your Backyard

More and more people like to grow their own fruits and vegetables for hobbies, self-satisfaction, and to control what they eat. However, growing fruits and vegetables in our backyard have […]

pumpkin varieties

Plant Information and Variety Selection of Pumpkins

Pumpkin types and variety selection The Cucurbita genus includes numerous species (5 domesticated and 22 wild species) of pumpkins and squash (these common names are used to describe various varieties […]

Pumpkin benefits

Pumpkin Nutritional Value and Health Benefits 

Pumpkins are a trendy vegetable, with global production of over 28 million tonnes. China is the greatest producer country, followed by India, Ukraine, Russia, USA, and Spain. Thanks to their […]

pumpkins facts

15 Interesting Facts about Pumpkins

Technically, as pumpkin, we characterize the cultivars of the following species of the genus Cucurbita: C. pepo, C. mixta, and C. moschata. Pumpkins are native to North, Central and South […]