okra fertilization requirements

Okra Fertilization Requirements

Successful okra production depends on managing different components, with soil fertility being one of the primary considerations. Following soil test recommendations for lime and fertilizer should produce optimum yields under […]

okra propagation

Okra Propagation

Propagation refers to the process of reproducing plants from seeds, cuttings, or other plant parts. In the case of okra, propagation can be done through seeds or cuttings. Here are […]

planting okra

Soil Preparation and Planting in Okra Farming

Soil Preparation To prepare the soil for okra cultivation, traditional tillage methods such as deep-plowing, disking, and harrowing can be used. Another option is to strip-till where a cool-season cover […]

okra irrigation

Okra Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

Like other vegetable crops, okra can achieve its highest yields when additional irrigation is provided to maintain soil moisture at optimal levels. Providing sufficient water to developing plants is crucial […]

Okra: Harvest, Yield, Storage, and Post-harvest handling

Okra: Harvest, Yield, Storage, and Post-harvest handling

When and How to Harvest Okra? The most important step in any okra operation is harvesting the pods correctly and at the proper time. Harvesting methods vary according to the […]

okra pests

Okra Pests, Disease and Weed management

How do you control pests in okra? Insects Various insect species can be present in okra plants, but not all are harmful. Aphids and mites can cause damage, but growers […]

okra benefits

Okra: History, Nutritional Value, and Plant Information

History  “Okra is found in its wild state on the alluvial banks of the Nile and the Egyptians were the first to cultivate it in the basin of the Nile” […]

Hibiscus esculentus

Hibiscus esculentus – Okra seeds

Scientific Name (Species, Family): Hibiscus esculentus / Abelmoschus esculentus, Malvaceae Common name(s): Okra Type of reproductive material: Seed Weight of 100 seeds: 5.670 g / 0.2 oz Plant life cycle: […]