Cassava Harvest, Yield per hectare and Storage

Cassava Harvest, Yield per hectare and Storage

When and How to Harvest Cassava The harvesting of cassava is becoming one of the serious bottlenecks bewildering the cassava production value chain. Harvesting is critical in the cassava production […]

Major Pests and Diseases of Cassava

Major Pests of Cassava Cassava is a staple crop that is important for the food security of many African countries like Nigeria. The pests and diseases affecting cassava production are […]

cassava pruning

Pruning of Cassava plants

Pruning is a practice in horticulture that involves selecting and removing certain parts of a plant. These parts may include branches, buds, leaves or roots. The main goal of pruning […]

Cassava Fertilization Requirements

Cassava fertilizer requirements There is a common misconception that cassava can grow in soils where other crops fail due to poor fertility and may not necessarily require additional nutrients for […]

Cassava crop Water Needs and irrigation Systems

Cassava crop water requirements and irrigation Systems Cassava can withstand periods of drought; it still requires water during the early growth stage. The Cassava crop grows well if annual rainfall […]

Cassavas Weed Management and Control

Cassavas weed management and control As weeds, we consider-treat plants that grow in laces and in time that is not desirable. Many different types of weeds occur in cassava farms […]

cassava propagation

Cassava Propagation and Planting

Cassava cultivation and propagation  The cultivation of cassava always starts with stem cuttings. These cuttings are planting materials obtained from the stem of cassava plants harvested and at least 10 […]

cassava varieties

Cassava Varieties

Cassava Varieties –Characteristics and Benefits How to choose a cassava variety There are more than 10 varieties of cassava available for farmers for cultivation. However, there are different reasons why […]

Cassava Climate and Soil Requirements

Cassava Climate and Soil Requirements

The soil components and texture is a major constituents of cassava cultivation. Good soil supports plant growth and is highly imperative for optimum crop production. Determining the appropriate soil that […]

Cassava: History, Nutritional Value, and Plant Information

Cassava: History, Nutritional Value, and Plant Information

History of Cassava  The origin of cassava can be traced to South America, the Cerrado, in present-day Brazil. Cassava was first domesticated in West-Central Brazil around 10,000 years ago (1,2,3). […]