Mango Farming in Keny

Mango Farming in Kenya – What challenges mango farmers face

Kenya is among the top ten mango-producing countries in Africa. Mangoes grow in various parts of the country, including the coast, eastern, rift valley, and western regions. These regions have […]

mango yield

Mango: Yield, Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling

Mango yield per hectare – Mango yields per acre Mango trees start producing fruits after the 6th year of their life (3-4 years for grafted mangoes), reaching optimum yields from […]

mango diseases

The most important Mango Diseases

Common Diseases Affecting Mango Throughout its lifespan, mango can suffer from numerous diseases that affect plant parts such as the trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, petioles, flowers, and fruits. These diseases […]

pests mango

Most Common Pests Affecting Mangoes

Mango trees can be infested by more than 492 species of insects, 17 species of mites, and 26 species of nematodes. Among them, almost a dozen species have been identified […]

mango fertilization

Mango tree Fertilization

Mango tree nutritional requirements – Mango Fertilization program Mangoes are deep-rooted and require deep, well-drained soils with a pH of 5.5-6.5. More specifically, in a mango orchard with a plant […]

mango irrigation

Mango Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

When to irrigate Mango trees – How much water a mango tree needs Mango trees need to receive sufficient amounts of water (from rainfalls or irrigation) to reach their yield […]

mango orchard

Planning and Planting a Mango Orchard

Site Selection: Selecting a site for fruit trees is crucial, as the soil quality directly affects the trees’ growth and productivity. The trees can still produce good yields even if the […]

cultivate mangos for profit

How to cultivate mangos for profit – Mango production – An overview

Many consider mango the “king” of fruits since it is consumed fresh and used in the production of desserts, fruit juices, and marmalades. Additionally, it is also a rich source […]

mango tree propagation

Mango tree Propagation

To establish a productive mango orchard, a farmer needs first to select carefully the mango variety that is most suitable for the local microclimate and market and then purchase the […]

Mango Tree Information and Variety Selection

Mango Tree Information and Variety Selection

Because fruit trees, like mango, are perennials and represent a considerable investment of time and money, starting by planting your orchard with the optimum varieties for your location conditions and […]