How do you know when to pick coffee beans?

Coffee tree Harvesting – Coffee Berries Picking

The Subtle Art of Selective Picking Picking and harvesting coffee berries is a crucial step in production. It is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail to ensure […]

What are the pest and diseases on coffee?

Coffee Major Pest and Diseases and Control Measures

Plant protection  Coffee is a crop that is susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases. Some common pests that affect coffee plants include coffee berry borer, coffee leaf miner, […]

What is chemical weed control in coffee?

Weed Management in a Coffee Plantation – What is chemical weed control in coffee?

Weeds can compete with coffee plants for nutrients, water, and sunlight, reducing crop yields. Keeping your plantation safe is a year-round task that requires constant monitoring and management to control […]

What is the NPK ratio for coffee plants?

Coffee Tree Fertilization Requirements

Until now, we have gone through some of the different necessary requirements when cultivating coffee. Before moving on to establishing your plantation, let us review some key details: Make sure […]

water management of coffee

From Rainwater Harvesting to Irrigation of Coffee Trees

One of the most common questions I get has to do with how I irrigate my crop. In general, coffee requires a moderate amount of water to produce a high […]

How long does it take a coffee tree to progress from flowering to producing?

Coffee Tree Flowering and Pollination

Coffee plants are self-pollinating as their flowers are hermaphrodites. They don’t require another coffee plant to produce their fruit. This single fact might account for there not being an exact […]

What type of agroforestry system is shade-grown coffee?

Shade-Grown Coffee in an Agroforestry System

In another article, we discussed how coffee plants could be cultivated using rain or installing an irrigation system. When it comes to solar exposure, there are also two methods for […]

How do you prune coffee trees?

How to Prune your Coffee Trees in an Agroforestry System

Robusta and Arabica coffee trees are pruned for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to control the size and shape of the tree, making it easier to maintain […]

How many coffee trees are planted in an acre?

Coffee Trees Planting and Plant Spacing

Before planting, you must research and learn basic details like your land’s soil and surface. A 45-degree slope is the recommended limit of inclination that terrain should have. If all […]

How to make a coffee nursery bed?

Germination of Coffee Seeds and Creation of Seedbeds for Planting

Selection of seeds, germination, and creation of coffee seedbed (Part 2) How to create your own coffee plant nursery As we previously mentioned, the germination of a coffee seed is […]