What are bioagents?

What are bioagents?

Bioagents in agriculture refer to a range of living organisms or natural products that improve crop health as plant protectants that impact the plant community.  More specifically, biocontrol agents manage […]

Guerrilla gardening

Guerrilla gardening

Guerrilla gardening seems like a new trend, but the roots of this activity are found hundreds of years ago.  What is guerrilla gardening? A formal way of describing this action […]


What are the SDGs?

What are the 17 SDGs and their meaning? SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations in 2012 created SDGs during the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro.  Apart […]

What is Biochar?

What is Biochar?

Biochar, a carbon-rich substance, is generated through the thermal breakdown of organic biomass, such as crop residue, agro-wastes, wood chips, and husk, in low oxygen conditions—a process termed pyrolysis. This […]

heirloom varieties

What are Heirloom varieties?

Heirloom varieties, also known as heirloom cultivars or heritage varieties, are crops passed down from generation to generation within a family, community, or region and have generally been around for […]

What is carbon farming - carbon sequestration

What is carbon farming – carbon sequestration?

There are many different ways to define and approach sustainable agriculture, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, several principles are commonly associated with sustainable agriculture that can lead to […]

What is (Crop) Residue Management

What is (Crop) Residue Management?

Crop residues are materials left in an agricultural field after the crop has been harvested. These residues include stalks and stubble (stems), leaves, and seed pods. Good management of field […]

what is sustainable nutrient management

What is sustainable nutrient management?

Sustainable nutrient management requires efficient use of nutrients based on applying what is available and needed, and to make it available to plants in a combination of cost-effective and safe […]

what is a cover crop

What is a cover crop in farming?

Cover crops are plant species that a person/farmer can grow on a field to improve-protect soil health and obtain an objective to provide soil and/or crop benefits or/and use as […]

What is urban agriculture

What is urban agriculture?

Urban agriculture, defined as the activity of food production within or around the boundaries of an urban area, could be a way of increasing food production by making use of […]