Flood irrigation systems and Water Use Efficiency

Despite the importance of Water Use Efficiency (WUE) in crop production and resilience, few African farmers, subsistence or commercial, think much about it. Their main concern, especially in cases where […]

Real-life examples of irrigation practices revolutionizing agriculture in dry areas

Real-life examples of irrigation practices revolutionizing agriculture in dry areas

Flood irrigation in Ethiopia, a success story to be emulated or an environmental disaster to be avoided by the rest of Africa? For many years, Ethiopia’s Awash River flood basin […]

beneficial microbes in agriculture

The Role of Microbes in Climate-Resilient Agriculture

Climate Change and Agriculture Climate change is one of the significant challenges that the agricultural sector is facing, with rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and an increase in extreme weather […]

Soil salinization and how farmers can overcome it

Soil salinization and how farmers can overcome it

Soil salinization decreases the agricultural production potential of up to 46 million ha per year (FAO).  In this post, we will further analyze:  What is soil salinization The impact of […]

Mulching in Vegetable Production

The Importance of Mulching in Vegetable Production

Mulching in vegetable production is common among farmers globally in many different crops. The main reason for the wide use of this practice is the many benefits it can offer.  […]

soil fertility

Microbial Solutions for Soil Fertility and Nutrient Cycling

What are the roles of microbes in the soil? Microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi, break down organic matter, recycle nutrients and enhance the soil structure and soil fertility. They play […]

Soil Carbon Sequestration & Rural Women's Impact

Soil Carbon Sequestration & Rural Women’s Impact

Rural Women play a significant role in carbon sequestration in the soil through biomass production and perennial crop cultivation-care. Women are also crucial in promoting sustainable farming practices that can […]

Rainwater Harvesting A Vital Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation for Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rainwater Harvesting can help Sub-Saharan African Farmers face Climate change

How to collect and use rainwater The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) describes Rainwater Harvesting for agriculture as the direct collection, storage, and utilization of runoff rainwater for use in […]

irrigation management

Participatory Precision Irrigation Systems – Efficient Management of Irrigation Water

Efficient management of irrigation water with IRMA_SYS Co-Author: Angelika Nomikou, Agronomist, R&D collaborator of EFFICIENT WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PC According to Aquastat (a water-related database of the Food Agriculture Organisation […]

Innovative Technologies in Irrigation: The Present and Future of Water Management

Water is essential for crop growth and human survival. In the face of climate change, urbanization, and population growth, water management is crucial for the sustainable development of agriculture. The […]