Soil and water conserving irrigation methods and alternatives

Cover Photo: Irrigation by water conservation for rice growing. Soil and water conservation can be combined with irrigation e.g. flood irrigation of rice in Vietnam (above). Water can also be […]

Landscape approaches, and integrated watershed management

Integrated watershed management and landscape approaches. On top of steep hills, diverse forests or pastures can be needed. Also, run-off water should be managed, so fields get a steady water […]

Agroforestry – combining trees and agriculture to improve Soil – Water Conservation

Cover picture: Shelter belt as windbreak. This is one form of agroforestry where interactions of trees or shrubs and crops are used. Agroforestry does not necessarily mean that the field […]

Intercropping for better soil and water management

Intercropping means growing different crops at the same (or overlapping) time and same area.  Relay intercropping means that crops only overlap some part of the time. Strip intercropping means stripes of […]

Plant Cover and Soil – Water Conservation

Vegetative soil conservation Good protective cover near the soil surface early in the growing season of crops is important for soil and water conservation – at least in stripes across […]

Tillage can sometimes help but usually harm soil and water conservation

Tillage like ploughing, harrowing, ridging or hoeing can help water to enter the soil and reduce wind at a roughened soil surface, but can often powderise soil and thus making […]

Soil and Water Conservation Structures

Soil conservation structures protect the soil before seasonal crops establish. They can be constructed directly from the start or develop from lines with protecting contour stripes. Soil conservation structures range […]

Soil and Water Conservation Strategies

Several practical principles for soil and water conservations are important to be understood and combined – including how to use them so they help rather than harm and give multiple […]

Causes and Effects of Soil Erosion and rapid Water Run-off

Understand practically important principles and signs of soil degradation and erosion by Torsten Mandal, agronomist Causes of soil erosion. Bare loose soil can easily be eroded by wind or water […]